WHAT IS THIS?! Help? Flying spine? [Mod Edit]

Yoo… 2:12am a “flying spine” like thing captured… I was thinking maybe a bug but… it’s big … HELP :sob: maybe I should throw the whole cam away… I heard in home cameras attract paranormal fkin hope not !

Wow … it won’t let me upload the video because I’m a new user… dumb ! Here are some screenshots of the video


It’s the frame rate of the camera as well as night vision. Nothing paranormal, just a bug.

Now when there’s a coffee mug floating by, then your theory of attracting entities will prevail.

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You think that’s big, you should see the thing that ate it…

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It’s clearly a rather tiny moth hanging around your floor and then flying darn slowly away from the camera toward your couch. As noted the camera has LED lights, night vision mode, and a slow frame rate.

For future reference and to put your mind at ease FYI there is no such thing as “paranormal”.

This should not have been detected by your primitive device.

It is a scanner probe released by one of our on world operatives. A recent firmware upgrade to the scanner was defective. Those involved have been disciplined.

Unfortunately, your pathetic species has been alerted to our presence and your puny planet will be destroyed.

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Can I replace my answer with @lodbrok7’s ?

(Also, there are 6 other lodbroks?)

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