What is the max video length and size

What is the max video length and file size that I can post here ?
I’m thinking about making a video for when you accidently reset your cam while switching out the lense

The Forum software will let you know! Max size is 4096kb.
This is the error message you get when you try to upload a file that’s too big:

There are lens-swapping videos on YouTube but I assume your idea is a video on how to re-focus for the QR code scan in the reinstall. I’ve been there myself-good idea!


That’s exactly what I’m thinking. I could just do a post here but I figure a video would not only be more helpful but would also prove what I believe seems to work.
I just had a idea though. What about a pictorial post , is there a limit to the number of pics?

Obviously video would be slightly easier but I hate it when people post long drawn out videos just to accomplish one simple task.