What is the max number of cameras allowed on an account?

I have a customer that has a large rv park and wants to put cameras all over to detect motion and people. How many cameras can we have on one account. We are looking at about 50-100 cameras.


Simple answer ,There is no limit .

thanks… I might be testing that theory…


One guy has 150

I seem to recall someone hitting a 200 device limit. I believe it was in the FB Wyze Core Community group, but it was a while ago.


:crazy_face: Whew man…how would you like to have go back and setup all those with a new router again? :rofl:


That does sound painful, but as long as I keep the same SSID and password, it shouldn’t be an issue. :wink:


Not looking forward to initial setup. Interesting use case. They are using at place that sells RV’s. Will be connecting inside rv to catch theft. Move around and plug in as new motor homes come on lot and leave. Connect to flood light to light up area and alert guard that is in his rv. Then blast two way audio to loud speakers.

That’s one way to thwart the thieves, and give them a good scare.