What is important to check on a new V3 camera before it's "installed"?

There are features YOU bought the camera for that are REAL important to YOU and hopefully YOU will check those off immediately.
But there are probably other features the cams may be having problems with that you might not check, then you install the camera on the roof and you don’t want to go back up.
My check list for my most recent 5 V3 cams:
Most recent firmware before inserting SD card?
Does it recognize an SD card?
Can it write to and format an SD card?
Can it record then display live playback to the SD card? (1 out of the 5 new V3’s failed)
Can I put it far from the router? (not all antennas are created equal)
Does the color of the image seem good? (I’ve had “stuck” filters on V2’s)
How is the sound?
Does it work for 24 hours w/ no problems? (sort of a burn in)
Can it create a 1GB timelapse? (one of my main uses)
How well do the detection zones work?

It’s a lot easier to address these problems while it’s sitting in an easy access location than installed in a final location like on a roof.

Any other things I should be checking for?