What I dislike about the doorbell

I have been running the wired doorbell for about a month now, and here’s what I dislike.

The audio sucks. Talking through the camera is so horribly quiet about 90% of the time nobody can hear you, not to mention a few second delays make talking a bit rough.

No SD card in it means I can’t review any video that wasn’t captured by a trigger like I can with every other camera.

Not having a completely separate notification just for the doorbell makes it kind of pointless as well. Since it just gets lost in the flood of every other camera notification on my phone .

It really needs a different pop-up along with being able to set a completely different notification tone with that ,to draw your attention.

@russr123 - Have you tried enabling VOIP for Doorbell?

You will get a call on your phone when someone presses doorbell. This could potentially solve your use case of getting a specific notification from Doorbell

To enable VOIP → Account/Notification/Push Notifications/Voice Over IP → Toggle this ON.