What happens if movements last less than 12 sec

what happens if someone disconnect camera and doesn’t have time to record the 12 seconds for cloud storage ? i tried it and doesn’t record anything … it haves to record the complete 12 second or nothing will show (notification). is that normal? if a robber walks in and unplug it right away there is no point of having this camera…

One of many reasons Wyze does not market it as a security camera.


That’s why ya need 20 cameras :wink: :grin: they can’t disable them all , that quick , even if they could find them all


Hi @sirg,

I too have thought of this situation, and is why I also have my cams SD cards recording continuously along with the notifications , I know this is not the answer you wanted to hear and as @Newshound stated these are not marketed as security cams , but of something were to happen and it was unplugged the recordings would still be on the cam 's SD card up to that time. I’m trying to put myself into a robbers shoes, If i were to break in someones house and see cameras, I don’t think I would take the time to unplug them, I would hightail it out of there lol.

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