What happened?

My Wyze cam is good for rain drops, snow, spider webs and catching the tails of cats, skunks and coons as they check out our flower beds and decks. Agree with all the above. Only my Feit is worse, mainly due to the app. Glad I haven’t gone too deep and the other “toys” are of no interest at all.

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I have said it before and I will say it again- quit updating if things are working. I did and I don’t have any issues.


Wyze is good by comparison
Have been through an ‘adventure’ with the Google Nest Camera.
Ended up returning it, Google have no interest whatsoever.

I hear what you’re saying about Wyze. I’ve been with them since day 1. I have been with Nest cameras outside since that time frame. And no matter how bad/good dollar per dollar Wyze is much better than the Nest cameras and the Nest app for example on iOS. Nest has a new wireless outdoor camera, but at $199 and it needs the new Google Home app instead of the Nest app. The camera is still branded Nest. So, wtf Google. Knowing what I know now in June 2022 and the technology and costs I’d seriously go with this Lorex wired DVR system I saw at Costco for $399. 8 cameras, 4K and do color at night. Wyze has gotten better. 2 years ago I was ready to smash all my Wyze cameras. I think too I’d go with Eufy if not for a home dvr/nvr system. I like LIfehacker on YT for good reviews. The first Wyze Panscan or whatever it was called was junk. The first wireless outdoor camera was junk. Had them each 3 weeks and sent them back. I’m 50/50 on trying the v2 outdoor wireless camera over the new v3 color cameras. The new v3 cameras are good.

I think, like me we’re all expecting these cameras to be on the home security professional grade and they are not. I also agree I could give a crap less about all the other gadgets Wyze makes, those gadgets have totally degraded the Wyze brand and most important it’s camera quality.


This is the answer. This company is one of the biggest collection of children playing software engineering I have ever seen.


Agree with most of your post but I was actually very happy with the quality of the cameras. I don’t need professional grade, just a simple monitoring system.

The market is swamped with cheapo Chinese cams, mostly made by the same companies, mostly with similar performance. I just chose to have my feeds stored by a US cloud company, not a Chinese one.

My point is my cameras & app worked nicely for quite some time but are now degrading to a point that they’ll soon become useless. At which point I’ll buy the UK version (branded Neos) or something Chinese. (Or flash my Wyze V2s with Neos firmware)

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Exactly why I’m looking into other options for security. I too have been with them since what I believe was probably “the beginning” and now these little worthless cubes are nothing more than eye sores around my house. Waste of money, I will probably have to throw them away or use as pet cams around the house, but of course the one I use for that now barely works anymore even to for that. Very disappointed in the lack of concern on the part of the company and yes tired of being asked to buy something else when what I have barely works. I can say I bought one of their bathroom scales and surprisingly it works very well.

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For me, keeping the app updated and the firmware is a must. I know there are the crazies out there that will disagree on that. But it does work.

Nothing will make up for the [Mod Edit] back end reliability and lousy firmware, no matter how many times you upgrade it. My Wyze devices are the only ones that consistently fall off WiFi and won’t rejoin without being deleted and re-added. Barely hobbyist level quality. I feel bad for their investors. Only a matter of time before they have to fold up and choose defeat.

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A lot of people complaining. I agree it is hopeless outside of the app but it works fine with the app on Android devices.

All my cameras work great and have for 3 years now. Though I am getting spariodic events but no actual video. Just an image on the Events page.

Just purchased the Riolink E1 indoor camera to try out their app. Hate the app. But if you are tech savvy, you can probably get it up and going. We had planned to by the 4K NVR system if this trial worked out but can’t get past their App. We are not tech savvy people so it’s been days and days of tweaking settings and still it doesn’t work the way WE want it to. Camera is good quality though.


All these companies do this. Another brand did a complete UI overhaul a couple years ago and bricked all the cameras. The backlash from customers was so overwhelming, they had to roll back the update. They didn’t learn from that and tried it again 8 mos later. While it didn’t brick the cameras, it did leave a lot of glitches and nothing has worked right since. That’s when I moved on to Wyze. Wyze V3 was working perfectly up until a couple weeks ago (when it updated the app) and now, it’s horrible. My detection zone is useless, I get constant alerts to shadows on a windy day, headlights in the trees, cars passing by–basically everything BUT people and vehicles (well, it does alert me that our cars are PARKED in the driveway every few mins). Prior to the update, all I got were people moving and cards going in and out of my driveway (no parked car alerts). The zone worked great. Why?

I’ve said the same thing before - just because you have developers on staff doesn’t mean you need to recreate a new UI every few months. Just add features or remove them but no reason to redo them. Leave the parts that work. Now, nothing seems to be working. It’s almost as if this is backwards - things I want to know about, are ignored and things I don’t want to know about, I get alerts.