What does this icon mean on my Motion Sensor?

I’m not sure if it’s out of battery, disconnected, broken or what…? Help




@rsumpy99is correct. That icon says that you Sensor is offline-not connected to your wifi, for some reason.
You can try removing the battery for a few seconds, then reinserting it. That sometimes works. I have had to delete them and reinstall them to get them to work.

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@tomp @rsumpy99

Yikes! talk about unreliability. How might have this occurred?

Good question, to which I don’t have a fixed answer. Could be a WiFi issue, s voltage problem with the battery,a bridge problem or a server issue with Wyze among discussed possibilities.
Removing and reinserting the bridge also sometimes helps.

More hassle on my end as I have to bring out the step ladder… great.

I have two cams requiring a ladder and two requiring some roof walking. I feel your pain!

If you will look at the back of the bridge the sensor is paired with you will most likely see a yellow light… Not a sensor problem, a bridge problem

I wish it could autoconnect

Offline is correct. I’ve had that symbol appear for several reasons. 1) The sensor fell off the trim over the door, and broke on the ground. Yep, should have fastened it above the door, not just set it on the trim. 2) The battery died. Only one of those so far. 3) The battery contact inside the sensor disconnected from the battery. Just had to reseat the battery, but I wouldn’t have expected that to happen. 4) The sensor was too far from the bridge. I moved the bridge closer.