What does 3 blinks versus 5 blinks mean for the sensors

Is there a difference?
I’ve now set up 8 contact sensors some blinked 3, some blinked 5, All seemed to set up and report open-closed when testing.


Waiting for the answer too…

I have a question about the motion sensor. If it clears is there a delay before it will detect motion again? Like the five minute cool down with the cameras. This isn’t five minutes but it’s about a minute or so before it will detect motion again is it normal

I may have found my solution it might’ve been placed a bit too high. But I’m still curious if anyone has had a lag between motion and clear?

3 blinks means it is low on blinker fluid 5 blanks means it has enough :wink:

Seriously , From what I understand it doesn’t mean anything

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