What do I have to buy?

I have not yet purchased a camera, but I want to. Question is, what do I need to buy? I want to put the camera on my patio during the night. I want it to detect motion and start recording video when it does. I want that video to be automatically stored in the gallery on my phone. What do I need to do this?

Thanks for help.


It will not automatically be stored to your phone (and no option to do that automatically). For the rest of it, you buy a V2 or Pan camera. A V2 is likely all you need.

You can download an app called TinyCam and I think the pro version will let you record to your device.

Hmm. thanks for the reply’s. If the video doesn’t store on my phone, then where? I’m assuming online someplace. Do I need to purchase anything besides the camera to access the videos that my camera uploads??

Thanks again.


Sorry, I did miss one. Also buy a micro SD card to locally store the video.


Wyze officially supports up nto 32GB cards. Many of us run larger. I have 64GB in most of my cameras adn some people are running 128GB.


Thanks. What about the storage that is accessible for 14 days. Is that a website someplace, and do I have to pay for that service?



The web storage is free. It stores 12 second clips at a minimum of 5 minutes between clips. Those clips go away in 14 days.