What are your thoughts on outdoor weather sensors?

Survey done, but not sure if I’d actually get the product. I already have a couple of Lacrosse indoor/outdoor weather displays and at least a few Lacrosse temp/humidity sensors in my garage, crawlspace, and attic. I can monitor them through their app remotely. The one I monitor most is the crawlspace, to check that the pipes don’t freeze in winter, and that it doesn’t get too humid in summer.

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No GMail account to sign in with. Anyways, if it’s a rain sensor I’d like to have Wyze app warn me of open windows and doors OR turn off the sprinklers. If it gets cold outside I can have the A/C turn off. Or turn it on if it’s above a certain temperature outside. If automated storm shutters is a thing a wind sensor can activate these if the gusts go over a preset MPH.

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Same for me. On top of automation, historical data would be nice to have.

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So happy to see you’re pursuing a weather station device! I’ll order one now! Here are some thoughts as you develop the device: One feature I think would put your weather station above the rest would be to have it be predictive with an alert feature. (If sudden wind shift or drop in barometer, then there’s probably a storm brewing. If the temperature and dewpoint are converging, then there’s probably fog forming, etc - then send the alerts). Also, spend some time speaking to recreational pilots - airline pilots have staff to provide weather research, where recreational pilots do it themselves. Also spend time with farmers, event planners, and first responders. I’m on the edge of my seat - bring it before summer!!

While I certainly get some of the “Let’s fix existing stuff before moving on” sentiment, this thread/topic still warms my heart. LOL! Perhaps there could be better balance between new products and support of existing products, but I like the fact that you guys are trying to innovate and move forward. Keep learning, improving and moving!

With that said, the prospect of a weather station definitely piques my interest. We have been using an AcuRite 5-in-1 station for several years now and really have been pretty pleased with it. However, the fact that you have to add something to the system to get long-term historical data or to see ANY data on a smart phone has annoyed me from day 1. I’m fine with having a service such as WeatherUnderground aggregate the data (though a device-specific app might be better), but I’m not spending another $100-150 on something just to connect it to the interwebz. I’m confident that, should you choose to move forward with this, the folks at Wyze can make it all happen in one well-packaged (and priced!) bundle. :slight_smile:

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Would be great if it supported open source home automation products. Just being open to publishing MQTT messages would be a landslide to open source integration.

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This would be a great feature/product to add to mix, would use frequently, and could be a beta tester

Something like the Tempest, but with a much more reasonable price would be amazing.

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Survey done. I agree with another commenter, something easy to install similar to the Tempest units, but at a better price would be awesome. Getting to be time to replace my old weather station. Can’t wait to see what you offer!

Actually phone apps take care of current outdoor temps very nicely, I would really like to see room to room sensors that report on room temp and humidity, that in turn could be used as a trigger based on temp or humidity to control the wyze plug on/off …

Survey completed.

I have the Tempest Weather System and it’s great. It has two advantages other systems don’t use.

  1. Community forecasting. If there are other Tempest Weather Systems in your area they all work together to give you the last info.
  2. It’s solar-powered. You can stick it up on a pole and never have to touch it again.

How about posting the local weather to the thermostat, which would be a bit more useful than another device.

I am excited to hear about potential new products. I LOVE my headphones and Robot Vacuum!!! I find myself buying everything you all are making AND talking highly of the company to my friends.

I have just been getting into open source home automation (home assistant) and it’s a game changer. I currently use ring cameras and ring alarm. They have an API and I can automate to my hearts content with as much complexity as I can dream up. I would replace everything we have with Wyze products and services if you would support these solutions with an API or something. I’m a huge fan, please help me to implement ALL of the products and services you offer/will offer! :slight_smile:


sounds awesome

I’m a home gardener and think that a weather sensor would be a great product to add to your arsenal. My only request is to make it with a rain gauge that could detect rain amounts and empty out so as to be fully automated and have software to keep records of statistics. With the pandemic going on more and more people are getting started with gardening and knowing their environment would be a boon to all.


Excellent idea! I’ve often thought this could be done easily and cheapest, but well done through an app so a standalone information unit wouldn’t even be needed. Certainly could be an option, but with smart phones and pc’s, app based weather from a standalone weather station that communicates via WiFi would be an easy must! Keep this one on the front burner please! First in line to buy.

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I am late to the party but I wanted to share my support for a weather sensor.

I was going to suggest a smart rain gauge as well. I’ve been looking and looking but no one seems to sell a stand alone one and I don’t want to spend $200 on the bridge and station just to monitor rain. I hope they come out with one, they’d own the market on it!