What are the standards for the Discover feed?

What are the criteria/standards for what gets onto the Discover feed? My main concern is regarding explicit/mature/adult content, which I hope is not allowed?

I assume somebody reviews each submission since it’s an email submission and not a direct upload. But the article on the Discover feed doesn’t mention how things make it on or not, or what gets reviewed or not. https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032793831-Discover

I don’t think I’ve seen a list of criteria posted publicly. As you mention each submission is reviewed by a person and the Discover feed is supposed to be family-friendly, so I wouldn’t worry about explicit content.

The content of the Discover tab is curated (reviewed) by Wyze before anything is posted there. Videos are submitted by sending to wow@wyze.com or by post on the forum in the #captured-on-wyze category. More info on that is here: Wyze Discover Feedback Thread!.

Submissions are required to conform to the Wyze Community Guidelines. So no worries, explicit content will not make it into the Discover section.

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