What are some of the wackiest things you’d at first mistakenly thought was a bug?

Let’s be honest. Many reported problems are due to user error from being unfamiliar with a new product and so on, or simply being too familiar with a product.

This morning, I received a Wyze app update that added Wyze bulb support, and almost reported a bug because all the up/down/left/right motion controls were suddenly missing from all views. This is before realizing that I was viewing one of my Wyze Cams rather than Wyze Cam Pans!

And by bug, I don’t mean all those insect, pollen and dust particle reports of ghosts. :wink:

When my camera view didn’t load, I panicked, then restarted the app, and boom. Everything is fine.


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I wonder if you could’ve just swiped down also to refresh your view? Hmmm. Either way, thanks for sharing your own newbie experience. I think it’ll help others realize we’re all in this together. :muscle:t4:

I tried swiping down, I kept going back and clicking on the camera, but it all ended well. I thought someone might’ve disconnected it or something.

Now look atcha! You’re a big-time forum maven. :slight_smile:

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