What about night vision

HOw do you get the wyze camera to work on night vision? I have 3 cameras plus the one that rotates so that makes 4 an none of the night vision seems to work

Yes I have the same issue but my work around is to turn off night vision mode. It would be great if Wyze could fix this issue since it happened after the last update. This has also helped with the echo vision issue of buffering

What is not working? Do the LED illuminators not come one, or does the camera stay in daytime mode, or something else. What mode do you have the cameras set to (On, Off, or Auto)?
All 17 of my V2 and two Pan cameras are working fine on the latest firmware ( for the V2s and for the Pans).

My V2s cameras are set to auto mode so it will switch to night mode( black and white mode) LEDs off because they look Through a window and have plenty of light to see( patio light, street lights). My pan camera same but LEDs on with night mode because no window. All three cameras have the same issue. In night mode LEDs or not black and white image buffering after 4 seconds, but turn off night mode( in color images) no buffering?
Again this started after the last software update last week. I’m an a electronic engineer so I’m always looking to a fix something if it is not working.

I forgot to add that the issue is with my Echo Show only. My view from my iPhone XR is great black and white or color I can see without buffering.