Weird shape captured by Wyze Cam V3

My Wyze Cam V3 captured this weird shape last night. To be honest, it looks creepy. It can’t be a person since the camera is installed on a 9 feet ceiling. Have you seen artifacts like this before? This is a first for me, but this is the first time I use Wyze cameras…

I could not upload the file here since I am new, so I uploaded it to YouTube.

Most likely a small insect walking/crawling/strolling/ambling/meandering across the lens.

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That’s what I thought initially, but I have captured lots of insects on video before and you can clearly see its an insect. Not with this camera, thought… This shape looks kind of like a blurred person. I was wondering if it could be a compression artifact, and if that actually was a person. There’s a window you can barely see on the left. Someone can just walk up there to look inside. It has a blind shade on the inside, so there’s no way to see…

It’s probably just the leg of a light brown long-legged spider.

If it were anything away from the camera the area beyond it would be obscured but that’s not the case. Everything beyond the object is clearly visible so whatever it is is on, or extremely close, to the lens and very out of focus.