Weird Problem - v1 Cam and Night Vision

Got about 16 of these cams, so I somewhat familiar with all the details.

Last week, relocate 1 (v1) cam from one location to new location. (new wifi)
Reset camera, and setup as usual. Shows up in account no problem and so forth.
This is the strange part; shortly after setting up, realize cannot connect to cam (video stream stuck at 3 or 3) after I leave the location.
Chalk it up to user error or something… next time I’m back there, I reset and so forth- get it working again.
Leave, same thing happen- cannot connect to video stream. Try restarting remotely multiple times, and always same result.
Long and short, after trying a bunch of things, I realize the camera will only like to connect the video stream if I set the IR (Night vision) to “ON” Since this camera is looking out a window, I normally never set it to on.
I’ve been able to reproduce this issue constantly since then.
Also, if I set night vision to “ON” the camera will connect, and then after connecting - if I set it to “OFF” the feed kb rate will drop to 0k and camera will be disconnected… Set app back to night vision “ON” and it’ll reconnect and work fine as long as it’s set that way.

I have numerous other v1 and v2 cams which have no problem.

See attached pics.
On mobile data - won’t connect when IR set OFF:

On mobile data - will connect when IR set ON:

On Local Wifi - Will connect when IR set OFF

On Local Wifi - Will connect when IR set ON

On mobile data - won’t connect when IR set AUTO:

On mobile data - will consistently connect when IR set ON:

Camera Firmware:

Galaxy S5
App version : 1.5.82
Firmware as seen in pic.

Edit: I should add that I had zero problem with the camera before moving locations, and the IR was always set to “OFF”

I know this will not help with your connection issue or the IR on/off issue but, we used tape to cover the 4 IR LEDs on the round black bezel around the camera lens, stops that reflection of the IR off the window. At least until you get this figured out.

Also you might try a firmware update in the device info section of the app if you have not already done so.

The app is up to 2.0.21 I think, you might try updating that as well.

Hope this helps,