Weird icon on the manage sd card screen

I went to check the sd card in my camera and I noticed this weird icon on the format button .

I was checking this bc I wanted to see if my sd card was exceeding the 90 Gb limit that was affecting my 238 gb micro sd card

I don’t want to format the card bc if I do it’ll wipe clean the data and I’ll have to wait all of those days again later to see if it’ll pass the 90 gb limit…

I checked the storage yesterday and it exceeded the 90 gbs , I think it got around 92 gb but toddy it went down… not sure why

Not sure about the icon. I’m not on iOS, but what app version. My Android 11 on 2.27.0.b111 Beta shows a good button.

If the size went down, you probably aren’t getting the full capacity and it is overwriting oldest files.

What cam and FW are you using?

This is a V3 on

2.36.0 (14)

iPhone 14 on IOS 16.11

I think that’s the case . Since I don’t check the storage much or checked what dates were being saved I think a day or two for over rided.

I still haven’t seen it go past 90 gbs , gonna keep an eye on it…

A v3 running 4.36.9139

All seems to be okay now . I cleared the app cache and force closed the app and the weird icon on the format button was gone… does NOT have the fix for this. You will never get beyond the 90GB w\ that FW.

You must have or newer. is available for download so you can flash it. Otherwise you will have to wait for the update.