Weekly Web View failure post

Thanks for the suggestions – tried both; same result. Also tried clearing the cache, other browsers (Firefox, Opera) as well as accessing from my laptop. Keep getting the Oauth2 error. Wyze should be able to zero in on this.

As I’ve said, I’m not buying the “still in beta” excuse nearly a year after launch. This isn’t rocket science; webcams have been around for thirty years. I was able to monitor the video from my old Foscam through a web browser a decade ago. Wyze is dragging their feet.

I’m having the same issues with the webview stream freezing anywhere from 1 minute to a couple of hours in. When this happens, I can close and reopen the browser, log back in, and the video resumes.

What I keep wondering is what’s happening to cause the freezing? Is it a cache issue? An inactivity timeout? Seems like it should be pretty straightforward to code a handler to automatically resume/recover the stream after encountering whatever is causing the interruption.

Also, I did some searching for a Chrome extension that might help with automatically recovering a frozen stream but didn’t have any luck. Does anyone know of such an extension?