Webview only loads 20 events

When using the events page on Webview, only the top 20 ish events load. If i scroll down a tiny bit, a loading sign will just spin forever. I have tried reloading the page, trying again the next day, nada. This this just me, or is this known. Thanks

Just checked in chrome devtools, and when i scroll down there it doesnt even show anything else is trying to be loaded.

I have the same issue. Noticed it about three days ago. It’s the same on Chrome or Firefox. I’ve tried hard resets, changed setting with out any luck. Android phone appears normal I hope it’s just the Wyze crew fine tuning the final version Webview. Maybe it’s a CamPlus issue.

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This was fixed today, and it works for me! Thanks @WyzeAiden


Great @IEatBeans that@WyzeAiden solved the issue, however I am unable to find the solution. If either of you could direct me to that I would be greatly appreciated.

It should be fixed for everyone, just go to the events tab in webview and scroll down. More should load.

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Yes it is. Thank You for your reply.

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