Webview for WCO

Interesting, SJ. Do you have any idea why they are spinning away for you like that? Does it only do that when you are on a separate network from the cams, or does it also do it while you are on the same network --it SHOULDN’T make a difference since either way it’s supposed to be routing through AWS, but I did read a couple of reports from people that they were only having that issue away from home, while others seem not to have the issue at all, so I am just trying to figure out why.

I am hoping that

  1. they will eventually support WCO’s with enough interest from the community (implementing some of your suggestions)
  2. they will let us remove from the Webview any camera we don’t want on that screen (especially the ones that can’t work with it yet anyway, but any others as well). We can kind of do this by putting them in groups…but we’re only allowed to select one group at a time in Webview currently, and we might want different groups in the app vs the webview
    • or let us have cameras assigned to multiple groups? That would work okay too
  3. they will let us reorder cams in the webview without it changing their order in the App.

Those would be great updates.

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I’m on the same network as the camera’s, and this is on a Dell Precision T5500 with 48 GB Ram on using Firebox. I tried it on Chrome earlier this week, with the same issue, today, just fired up chrome, got the single V2 I have to come up, clicked on the next supported camera, it came up after about 30 seconds of spinning… moved forward with the other supported camera’s (10 total) adn they are slowly appearing… with a short delay on each camera (10 to 40 seconds depending on the camera)

Just before I went to chrome on the PC, I launched Safari on my iPad Pro, and the first camera came up… so i attempted to open more camera’s and it forced closed Safari after about a minute of trying to pull a live feed.

Launched Firefox on the iPad Pro… successfully showing 4 of the 10… the other six are spinning…

Back over on the PC, in Firefox, I’ve got 9 of 10 with a live feed, 1 of 10 spinning (the Video Doorbell is spinning. )

understanding with this being in Beta, not sure what my ‘testing’ is providing to Wyze right now. But happily participating.

Wyze… if you haven any questions… here I am… feel free to ask away :slight_smile:


I put a couple on back fence just to show back yard and rear/side parts of house. I like the view and the battery life is fine at 2-3 months. If I do time lapse, that option does take battery life but I don’t do it often.

I have Eight WCO’s around the perimeter of my house, some hidden, some not, all at ground level for the most part, pointing at a slight up angle . All to capture wildlife, except one that faces the front door to backup the video doorbell camera.

I’m more than willing to accept the same ‘hit’ on my the battery life that occurs when I stream video to my iPhone and/or iPad, to be able to view a live feed in Webview.

That said, when I bring up Webview, there is Zero live streaming occurring until I click on the camera for the V2, V3s and Pam Cam V2s.

On my phone/tablet app, When I first open the app, I am presented with a list of camera’s and groups. It appears to me there is no live streaming occurring at first, until I either tap on a camera if it’s not in a group, or upon tapping on a group, if there are Non Battery Cameras in the group they start to live stream at that time.

So, It appears we have a different user experience between App and Webview for a few examples I have discovered.

Ideally, I would think the end user experience of Webview should follow, as closely as practical, the end user experience of the phone/tablet app.

(and, as a 'public service announcement, there are currently 518 customers that would like to see the Wyze App on iPads and Android Tablets work properly before Five years elapse on that wish list item, perhaps before Christmas 2023? @WyzeGwendolyn any chance we can get a commitment by Wyze on that target date?)


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