Website suggestions

Wyze customer for about 4 years. At this point, my suggestions focus on your website. I was logged in and placed an order this morning. Then I clicked for a support “ticket” and was forced to login again. Same browser - an unnecessary added step. I had been trying to find a replacement for my broken Wyze Sense hub and was surprised at how difficult it was just to place the order. A lot of us are loyal Wyze customers that are familiar with your products who sometimes just want to place an order. Unfortunately, most of your website now seems like a big electronic billboard. I think you need to rethink things - lots of the pages are no more than a string of large pictures with sales descriptions that only offer “learn more” buttons which lead to more long pages of pictures. You also should reconsider your categorizations. Looking at the top menu, I had no idea whether the hub I wanted would be under ‘security plans’, ‘smart home’, or ‘lifestyle,’ as those descriptions don’t really tell me anything. The website should make it easy to order (isn’t that what an organization that sells products ultimately WANTS?), not difficult. The website doesn’t live up to the high-tech image that Wyze should want to project. It seems like it’s grown piecemeal and is now a mass of disorganization. I also noted that the item description for the hub said “as soon as Monday Feb. 26 (2 days)” but when I placed the order there was no mention of this and I saw no options. After adding in SHIPPING (also a sticking point), it then told me “5 to 7 business days.” I know you guys are still relatively new but if you are serious about being a player for the long term, you need to sharpen your customer contact and delivery.