Website issues

Is there a place to report problems with the website?

Ordering currently does not work in Firefox; after going to your shopping cart and selecting a payment method, it gets stuck with a circular “wait” spinner that prevents any interaction with the page. It never goes away. I tried disabling my ad blocker in case it had something to do with that, but no luck.

I ended up being able to seemingly work around it by “hacking” the page by using Firefox’s dev tools to delete the spinner element, which allowed me to click “Next”. I ran into the same problem again with the next step, but the same “hack” worked again. I now have an email saying I successfully placed an order. :man_shrugging:

What product(s) are you trying to order?
Did the order end up confirmed in your account?

It was the vacuum pre-order. It shows up in my order history now.