Webcam micro sd card

So yesterday I got the Wyze cam up and running as a webcam - huge upgrade over the 360p nonsense piece of garbage I had before.

So I bought two more wyze cams to use as webcams since no one else has them and quite frankly $25 is a superb price for a webcam even if they were in stock.

Question : can I remove the micro sd card after the webcam has been successfully established on the computer?

I assume that the microsd card is only needed to flash the firmware on the device itself and once that is done it’s not needed anymore - can someone validate that assumption please?

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The question is will Wyze continue to support feature this after all this is over?

Yes, once it’s firmware has been flashed you don’t need the SD card in the camera anymore.



They’ve already answered that - the answer is no. They don’t support it now and they don’t plan to support it in the future.

The fact that they’ve made it available at all is awesome.

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If it works well many people have said that it’s not working very well so it was rushed so you get what you get

I have put the webcam firmware on a few cameras, and have had no issues. Only issue is I have only one USB A male to A male so I can only have one one up at a time. Works good with zoom and obs, only things I have tried it on.

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agree it has worked well for me so far

Yeah I made the firmware change to covert wo webcams as well, and it worked just great. But… if you have them working for a long time… frames start freezing, until image is frozen. One need to disconnect the camera and connect it back, so it restarts, and clears all up. And story repeats itself after a time… but anyhow, an as-is-with-no-maintenance piece of software in a 20 USD camera… what can one expect :man_shrugging:

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A bit off topic but have any of you triedcit with a USB A to USB C cable on a Mac or phone or PC?

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how many minutes on avg until it starts glitching?

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I have not but I read somewhere that someone did get it to work that way.

thought i saw something about that on the reddit thread

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I’ve seen many people that say that works for them… I think mostly in the core group.


it varies between 30 to 45 minutes

good to know