Webcam future

Question for Wyzecam staff. Why not expand on the experimental webcam feature released in late March 2020? Moreover, why not release a decent webcam that competes with Logitech?

Logitech cameras are still in very short supply, and their higher-end cameras are impossible to find other than at 3x price. This is a perfect time to release cameras to both help out the people working or studying from home and to make money for the company.

The features I would like to have is:

  1. An LED indication of the camera being active.
  2. A physical privacy shutter (maybe controlled by a thumb wheel) and an indication that the shutter is closed.
  3. It would be nice if the camera could be put in sleep mode by utilizing the motion sensor, whereby only the motion sensor is active. If the motion is detected, the camera wakes up (but doesn’t open the video or audio stream).
  4. Better microphone (perhaps dual mics) with noise filtering.
  5. Removal of speaker from the webcam to make its footprint smaller.

Whereas #3 could be enabled in the current generation of Wyze Cam (V2), other features outlined above are absent from the current hardware. So, it would be really nice to have a webcam with the above features and an excellent video quality with a good automatic exposure based on the lighting conditions.