Web View - User Interface / UI Suggestions and Thoughts

So glad you have PC live view. This allows me to move off another platform and onto Wyze, and the image details is so much better . . . thanks. Would prefer that mobile login and PC login make use of the same authentication (Login/PW) as this is not the current setup. Would prefer that when I hit the back button from viewing events that I should not have to login again. Would prefer to also be able to use PC interface to denote live-zones for notifications. I think my license is assigned correctly to the (1) CAM I have as this was NOT the case until a firmware update SEEMS to have addressed the issue. Please have a team walkthrough login/pw for new accounts, license (subscription) assignments, as well as an overall review of the end user experience when navigating the application. Again SO happy you now have WEB/PC live view support! Thanks Much