Web View only shows deleted camera

So I just bought two V3 cams and Cam Plus on one of them. I’m still in the free trial period. I’ve yet to figure out how to get Cam Plus to work because it seems not to, but my current issue of the day is that Web View shows nothing other than a disconnected cam which does not have Cam Plus on it, I had set up and named both cams, realized I’d set up the Cam Plus one in the wrong location. So I swapped cams over, and deleted the non-Cam Plus camera off my account and into a box, for now. The one subscribed to Cam Plus is the only one in use. But all I see in Web View is a black box with the name of the old, deleted cam at the top. Anything I do gets me an ad for Cam Plus. I can’t view the correct cam at all. Is this usually buggy or is there something I can do to get this to work?

Thanks …

Can you send a screenshot of your app device list and of webview

Thanks for that, sorry for the delay. Life intrudes. The situation has changed somewhat. I now have both cams appearing in both the list and web view, now correctly named. I have no idea what happened but it seems to have worked anyway. But, I have no Cam Plus on either camera and I am currently on the trial subscription. All I get is two black boxes and “live stream requires cam plus”. Both are appearing with their correct titles, there’s just nothing there.
I am also unable to use Cam Plus in the phone app, for either camera. I just get ads to buy it and I’ve already signed up for it. I get still pictures only on playback and no Cam Plus features. Obviously I can’t benefit from a trial if it doesn’t work so I’m still hoping for a solution.

Can you check if the trial is assigned to the camera in the account > services tab on the app

both cams are connected now, just to be certain that I hadn’t got them mixed up. Seems like all I get is ads for Cam Plus everywhere. I got 2 emails with helpful hints for Cam Plus, so Wyze knows I’ve signed up.

Sorry, do you mean it is or is not assigned? Could you provide a screenshot of that page

Hmm, if you have a trial it should show up there. How did you get the trial?

You could try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, then sign out and back into the app.

I got the trial through the Wyze web site. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Nothing. Thanks for your efforts in any case btw

I would contact support to see if they can see the trial on their end, and if they can get it to be usable for you.

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding. I did eventually get an explanation of sorts from Wyze. They explained that because I had deleted and reinstalled the camera during the early attempts to get it working, I’d invalidated the free trial. Wyze say that they can’t see the trial from their end, so they continue to send out emails confirming it’s there and offering hints on how best to use it even when it’s not there. There’s no warning that reinstalling a cam will invalidate the trial, and it took them a while to figure out that this was the problem. Hence the confusion, because I was getting mails confirming my CamPlus trial even though it didn’ t work and Wyze couldn’t figure out why not. Now we know.