Web View bugs

So, recently upgraded to pro so I could have live view. I works OK, but there are certainly issues.

One is in Full Screen mode. It chops the view angle down a considerable amount. Is there a way to adjust that?

Second issue is camera loading. 4 out of my 5 cameras will load and play fine. The last one will not load. This timer just goes round and round. The camera has the latest firmware, and it captures movements fine. But, it just won’t work in live. All it displays is a still of the last capture.

Any ideas?..

I have similar issues. I can stream 5 out of 6 and one spins. Some actual control over the cameras would have been nice too (e.g. pan and tilt at a minimum).

BTW, forums are only occasionally looked at by Wyze people - it’s a “user” forum. Live View, imho, is still in Beta and needs some serious work to make it worthwhile.

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