Weather not automatically syncing on Band


The Weather does not update on the band unless I first Sync the Band via the App. This means if I do not push by sync, then the weather on the band is eventually null. Or during the day, the current temperature does not change. This does not make sense. If I have to manually sync to push data over, I can just use my cell phone to get the most accurate information. The band should be self syncing, polling and pulling data.

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Still happening. 90 degrees outside, watch stuck on 60. I had to use the App to Sync.

Android Samsung S20 Utra

Wyze App V2.12.3

Cam V2 Plugin Version
Sensor Plugin Version
Band Plugin Version 1.3.59
Scale 1.1.2 Plugin Version

I think this a general issue. I have the same thing on Samsung S8. I opened a support request with Wyze. Hoping it gets fixed in the next software update. If you haven’t done so, I would suggest anyone with this issue open a ticket. More notifications with the same bug will get it more attention. ( I hope)

I found that in the App settings, there is a toggle to push the weather at 10pm. This has led me to the conclusion that unless we manually sync the Band, the weather readings are useless. Such a shame to waste having weather as a feature when it isn’t automatically syncing.

I am a little confused. I thought about this today. If I select the Weather icon on the Band, why wouldn’t that automatically pull an update? Or, why do we not have an option to push Weather updates every X hours? My weather App on my phone allows an update cycle.