We want 4k! can we please get a long range 4K camera. I am not much into Batteries

4k is really what people are looking for because most of the thieves are like 20 to 30 feet away in the parking lot or breaking into the 2nd car behind the first car. It is hard to make out a face or do face recognition with 1080p as per the police department says. So are you building a 4k? thinking of one? please tell us I am wet with anticipation.

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There is a thread on the #wishlist already about this. You should visit there and be sure to Vote!


Please people if you want a 4k, go to the wish list section and vote. Currently it is at 100 votes. we need those votes to reach 1000 or more to really catch some attention.

Thank you tomp. I hope advertising it can increase more awareness so we can get more votes , I think people have no idea they need 4k until it is explained to them or something bad happens to them like it has to me when the police tells you that the video is too grainy to make out the face.