We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want - 1/11/22

I totally understand, I use to follow so closely - but it just got crazy. I just tried to add on a subscription service, but it says I’m not eligible. Of course those maybe my original cameras. It’s just too much to keep up with - just make it all work together. I love Wyze but I’d like to be able to have my cameras working all the same way. I love the web view!

Oh boy…mixed feeling here.
I own 5 Wyze Cams (3 V2 & 2 V3) and bought them based upon their 14 days of free storage where most others were charging, this aspect allowed me to get many others on board with Wyze.
They had all the bells & whistles with that at the time of buying before doing the change over to remove some features to place behind a paywall to then continue using.
Granted it was a name your price at that point, which while nice, was still taking away the core aspects that the cameras were sold upon and which is why we chose to buy initially.
Now they are doing the same thing with the very basic fundamental aspect of these cameras with a paywall for the online storage of 14 days.
This is a tough one to decide upon regarding what we were told when buying the cameras vs now being asked to kindly (hopefully) give more money for.
I suspect they will now have to pay a ton of $$ to make new packaging for all the camera to be sold stating it is a paid service vs the 14 days free cloud option so if it is money they are needing, this seems counter intuitive IMO.
I know we can choose $0 but it reminds me of that Southpark Episode where the cashiers ask to donate $$ to a charity and if you don’t…well lol.
Why not offer even more advanced features, like timed photos, specific audio detection alerts, etc to generate that additional income?

What they need to do here is sell the online storage with more benefits BUT offer those who wish to use SD cards instead some important options that are present for the online only storage like people/pet detection and ESPECIALLY continuous recording vs the 5 min cooldown (which makes no sense if not using the cloud option) etc so those who wish to use SD cards only get those benefits.
I really don’t get how CAM + is PER camera vs it being a set all inclusive price, that to me makes no sense.


If I read this correctly…. if we don’t opt in the 12 second cloud storage will be removed.

Kind of not right considering my original purchase included this feature.


I posted in Camera trying not to dilute this thread.

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Yeah it seems that way…they are now phasing out the whole aspect of what made so many of us to buy these in the 1st place and locking that core feature behind a paywall (to new customers and us legacy customers to an extent).

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This is good feedback, and I support this suggestion. You should go vote for it in the wishlist here:

I voted for this in support.

In the meantime, the work around is to pay a lump sum all in one month, then before it charges the second month, switch it back to $0, then next year do another one time payment before switching it back. Some people did this with the previous version called “Legacy Person Detection” and it worked for them. It would be nice if Wyze made it easier by adding a simple option to select though. :slight_smile:


This is very disappointing. I am an original user, and was promised the 12 sec recording would continue no matter what else might change. Now you claim that I just have to sign up for Cam Plus Lite at $0. Then why do you want my credit card number? I’m not willing to give that up. You have achieved the worst of all outcomes. You have lost my trust, something which will permeate all product lines. Very poor business decision…I expected better.


Problem I see….

Wyze has these cameras in retail store, printed on the box along with features is the following:

Free Cloud
Storage for
12-sec Videos

A customer will expect this service to be free as described. I’m pretty sure new customers are not going to opt to pay for 12 second clips when the box reads as free…


Thanks for posting this link …I just voted. :+1:

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I am being told it should not be requiring a credit card number if you are doing an amount of $0. Are you experiencing something different?


With an SD Card you can set event recording or continuous recording and not be limited bu any cool-down. The 5 minute limitation was related to the cloud side and notifications.

Cam Plus Lite is replacing the current 12 second storage. It will now only store a thumbnail and use the SD Card for the video, if you have one. To maintain your current cloud storage and obtain Person Detection you will need to opt into Cam Plus Lite. You can Logon by going here: Opt In to Cam Plus Lite

Here is a piece of the article


Yeah they are coming out with so many new gadgets continuously but this moves sends me a vibe that they are losing $$.

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I don’t want continuous recording, I want continuous record of events. The existing continuous recording is difficult to use because it doesn’t show where events were detected.

I’d rather just have the camera record every single event without a cool down period to local storage. I think that makes perfect sense and is less cost to Wyze (no cloud usage) and more useful for me. Win-win, right?

I understand what you are saying. However, Wyze is also updating the the SD Storage process and as the second bullet states, you will have a button to take you directly to the location on the SD Card where the event occurred.

So you can set the SD Card to only record events and it will record until the event is over. When you get the Alert, you will have a button to take you to that time stamp to see the event.

Please note: There never has been a 5-minute cool down for SD recording. The cool-down was for cloud recordings and notifications. So if a event happened 2-minutes after another the SD card would record it but you would not get a cloud notification and no rules would be triggered because it was in the cool-down period. The cool-down period will still exist.

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So you’re saying I can do event recording to the SD card and it won’t record when there isn’t an event and it won’t limit me to a 5 minute cooldown. Is that right? If so, that’s exactly what I want.

I also want RTSP to work with the stock firmware. I’ve been asking that for years.

I just got an email from Apple. My iphone will no longer make calls unless I opt-in and name my own price for the great calling feature that I have already had for years which I was promised when I purchased the phone… It was even printed right on the box.

Sound absurd to anyone else?


Yes, I actually do that today. I have a few camera’s which do continuous and a few which only record events.

Also note, as per the announcement:

This would provide you what you have today with Person Detection,

Also: I am not a Wyze employee, I am a community member as you are. However, I volunteered to test the Beta releases of the apps and firmware. I do know the RTSP firmware is out there for use and testing, but it is not part of the standard release. Have you added a Wish List for RTSP to be part of the normal firmware? given the space requirements and the processing, I am not sure this can be accomplished, but it does not hurt to try.

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carverofchoice answered as well and I won’t have to opt in as I am already a cam plus subscriber.

Thanks for the help and response, but I never had the option last year to opt into the “name your price” promotion. I paid full price for my cam plus subscriptions.

From the email that was sent to me today.

“You’ve already got unlimited recording and the full AI package on your Cam Plus enabled cameras. The full AI package includes Person Detection, Pet Detection, Vehicle Detection, and Package Detection.”

“In addition to that, for all Cam Plus members we are automatically enabling “Cam Plus Lite” on any other Wyze Cams you might have on your account, which will add Person Detection to 12-second Event videos at no additional cost. We’ll get you set up over next couple of days, and then all you need to do is toggle on Person Detection in Services within the Account tab.”

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I have 5 Wyze v3 and 1 Wyze V2. The V3 cams are AWESOME! Especially awesome at night. I have SD cards in all of them. Can’t say as I understand half this email. I’ve never tried the free week long cloud stuff and don’t know anything about it. Just more situational awareness if I need to or want to go back and look at the video on the SD card.

Is that stuff a big benefit? Does it work? Maybe I need to know more about wyze as their price point is great and the picture and night vision is great as well especially considering they are all looking through glass.

I have 3 arlo camera v3 cameras outside that I no longer pay subscription on as they are horrible. The hit on everything no matter what you have set ast the activity zone and no support as is the case I think with every tech company. They look good and have a good picture but that’s it. Their only advice is to only have the camera visually not see my sidewalks or streets, which is impossible unless you turn the cam to just see the side wall of the house. They just look good and possibly help deter the criminals here in my hood.