We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want - 1/11/22

The items you find in the ‘Events’ tab are cloud events, your SD card is viewed by going to the live view of the camera and selecting the ‘View Playback’ button at the bottom.

If you opt in to Cam Plus Lite nothing will change with the exception of you having Person Detection now. If you decide not to opt in your ‘Events’ tab will no longer have videos, it will have a thumbnail photo and you will have to view any videos from the SD card.


No, they aren’t. The most Wyze is guilty of is making customers jump through a small hoop to retain the 12 second Event clips and get Person Detection. You’ll have to spend 5 minutes on the Internet signing up for a Cam Plus Lite subscription.

If you sign up for the Person Detection you haven’t given up anything.

No they haven’t. See above.


No. It’s to get people that don’t use the clips at all off of the servers. Some people only view the cameras when needed and never use Notifications or Event clips.



How can none work?
Cam Plus Lite is what she has now with the addition of Person Detection that she doesn’t have to use.


Yep, that would have headed off the only objection scenario (other than the shaming / upselling - but someone else is paying for your service, etc.). And agreed it would also probably have made the whole idea a non-starter from Wyze’s economic perspective, so their new approach makes a lot of sense. Back atcha on appreciating the polite discourse. :slight_smile:


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Every time Wyze pulls one of these stunts it reminds me of a child that does something wrong but claims they didn’t know any better.

We didn’t know using rented processing power to do person detection would cost money. The new money guy just told us. (Remember that one?) :grinning:
We didn’t know allowing millions of people to upload video to a server would cost money. Can we please have some of yours? Everyone else is paying.

I do understand this move. A lot of people never access the uploaded clips. What I don’t like is the pan handling that is going along with it.


I’ve seen this feedback a few times and have passed it to the team and good news - we’re actively working on this! As long as no major unforeseen roadblocks hit us, you should see this option come up in the future.


Monkey thinks @carverofchoice drinks too much 'Verbose" juice :laughing::hear_no_evil::pray:


Peyote… Good for the imagination

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It’s not the ‘Map’ that Wyze uses, it’s all the unnecessary destinations “KISS” is the most effective direction.

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So you judge Wyze as a corporate entity to be disingenuous? If they’re not, they won’t be invited to corporate entity lunch.

Incorrect term because they are not cadging from strangers.

Nice to see ya, Angus, it’s been a while. :slight_smile:

I like Carver’s style. I like Customer’s style. I’m a like-er. :slight_smile:

It’s like the Oprah visioning-yourself-into-your-desired-future thing. I think. I’m not that familiar with Oprah.

Wyze, even with $100M in their rucksack, is small. One advantage of ‘small’ is ‘nimble’. Does this move (and maybe some coming) evidence that?

I can not believe how many people are complaining about this. I just wanted to chime in and say THANK YOU WYZE!! This will save me $100 a year, more privacy and control. The only reason I had cam plus is for the person notifications and now it’s free. With the updated ability on the sd card I am all set.


My biggest issue with this whole thing, going back to taking away the XNOR person detection is that I am straight shooter. Tell me upfront about what you want to charge and what I’ll get from that and I’ll make my decision accordingly, but don’t change the terms after the fact.

It doesn’t mean that I’m a cheapskate or want something for nothing the way the pay what you want screens imply. I had already installed pricey DVR and then NVR systems which cost around $2K and were giant pains with the port forwarding and such. I had also installed Ring and Nest cameras before finding out about WYZE and knew the going rate.

If WYZE would have come out and said “Our V2 camera is $40 and we’ll give you 6 months of 12 second clips after which you can stick with just SD card or subscribe to us at about what the other guys charge” that would have been an honest offer because they would make an actual profit from it, and it would let me compare it with the other 2 and decide whether it was worth it to pay a little more to go with the big boys or a little less and help a startup company go up against the big boys.

Instead, WYZE came out with this illogical idea to offer dirt cheap cameras with lifetime 12 second storage. It wouldn’t take an MBA to figure out that at some point, the scales in the cost graph would tip, but hey, that was the sales pitch! Who was I to argue with people smarter than myself who had figured out how to monetize the footage. I mean google was never charging customers for google’s search the android system either so perhaps these guys knew something nobody else knew. At any rate, I took them up on their offer.

Now they act all shocked that storage costs money and contracts with XNOR fell apart and are trying to guilt people who took them at their word into paying for a subscription after they’ve already invested in the system and helped them get off the ground. Yes, I know, I know, if one opts in, they won’t lose anything and even get person detection back, but that’s not the point. The point is, shouldn’t have to do that. Your word is your bond.


So is it safe to say if I have no desire for person detection or cloud storage there’s no benefit of having cam plus lite?

Also, if I am utilizing local storage for recordings why can I not set event recordings to any length I desire or even continuous recording. I understand charging for this feature if the events are utilizing cloud storage. But if I purchase a camera and also purchase storage why am I limited on what I can store?


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My gripe is that event recording duration is locked to a specific length even if you only utilize local storage and do not utilize the cloud at all. Why gatekeep a hardware feature behind cloud features when I’ve already purchased the hardware that supports said feature.

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“Yes, I know, I know, if one opts in, they won’t lose anything and even get person detection back, but that’s not the point.”

To me that is the point. They don’t get person detection back, they get person detection added. I guess I don’t shamed so easily.

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Event recordings, located on the Events tab are all in the cloud, the local recordings, located on the SD card, are viewed from the live view of the cam and the view playback button. You can set the SD card to record events and it will keep a recording of any 60 second period that contains motion. You can set it to continuous and it will record everything and is only limited by the size of the card. The SD recordings do not show up under events however so without opting in the Events tab will only contain thumbnail images instead of the cloud recordings that are there now.


Duration is only locked on the cloud side, SD recordings are not limited to specific lengths


So viewing events directly from the events tab is locked behind cloud storage? Why cant both SD card events and cloud events be visible from the same menu? Seems like an inconvenience to have to go through more menus and steps in order to view events on SD card when they are all simply events. If the SD stored events thumbnail can be viewed under the events tab why not simply make the full events play just like an event in the cloud? Straight from the events menu.

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