We need your input and we have a GIVEAWAY - Wyze Home Monitoring Week 4

I would definitely love this


  • EXAMPLE: The hub has a regular speaker. Allow me play other sounds from it like a Chime. I can set up rules to have the hub ding-dong when someone presses the Video Doorbell. Make it chirp or ding when someone opens the Frontdoor sensor or a different chime for the backdoor, or when someone walks down the hallway toward my office. Let me make it chime or announce “Person Detected” when a certain cam with Cam Plus detects a person. There is a lot that the Hub speaker could do besides just a siren. It shouldn’t be too hard to allow that.
  • REASON: This would make the HMS hub incredibly useful. Lots of other security companies allow chimes for their sensors already and Wyze’s Hub is already capable of doing it. Plus, then we could have the Hub on one floor of the house and put the VDB chime on the other floor of the house and make sure the whole house is covered with hearing a chime. when someone comes to the door.
  1. Different pins for different users.
  2. Scheduled disarm, because I can make it to the car before the alarm begins to chirp and remind that I forgot to disarm it for the 3rd time this week.
  3. Legacy sensor support. Make it easy for me to convert my old ADP system to Wyze monitoring and reuse the 100 window sensors they’ve installed. Just use the standard sensor and instead of the magnet switch, just give me a two wire input and I can use one for each zone. Right now, Nest is the only one doing this, and I’d rather be robbed than give Amazon access to my home.
  4. Quiet arming. I’m at home, I’ve been home, I’m going to bed, right before bed you don’t have to beep at me for 3 solid minutes to tell the world it’s armed.
  5. Glass break detection
  6. Secondary contact for my wife’s phone

Number 6 is a must. NO 911 Alerts.

A mode that only contacts me. The phone call part could be great just no 911.

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Allow Rule Automations tied to the Different Entry Delay periods

I might want a siren on one or more of the cams to go off after the entry delay hits X seconds without being disarmed. This is just the Cam Siren, not the actual HMS alarm. Therefore a siren goes off before the full Noonlight alarm notification…then if it is still not disarmed with X more seconds, then a full HMS Alarm is triggered to Noonlight or whatever.

I would use this for things like my detached Garage. When the system is armed, if the garage door(s) are opened at all and then not disarmed with X amount of time, sound off my garage or outside cam sirens and send me a notification…if still not disarmed by the end of the full entry delay period, then call Noonlight.

Different Entry Delay times depending on which sensor is tripped.

I have a detached garage. If set to away, when I come home, open the garage, park my car, get out the baby and maybe other items like groceries, etc, I might need more time to disarm the HMS than if I just walk through the front door. I would set the front door sensor to have a very small entry delay time, but the garage door sensors I would set with a much longer entry delay time. Others would find this useful for if they accidentally trip a sensor when they forget and open a bedroom window and the keypad is on a different floor of the house or something.

Speaking of the detached Garage, if the system is set to home instead of away, I would set the entry delay for the garage to 0 seconds. Because if we’re all in the home, then even if someone forgets to disarm as they’re leaving, it will beep at them to disarm before they walk out of the house…so never would the Garage need an entry delay when it is set to home like the other sensors would need. If set to home, if the Garage sensor trips, it means it is not someone from the household, and the alarm can go off immediately…but if it is the front or back door, it is probably someone forgot to disarm and so an entry delay is useful.

So it would be useful to be able to set some sensors with a long delay, some with a short delay, and some with no delay instead of having all of them set to the same entry delay interval.

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YES! You have some great ideas for complex situations.
But simplistically, all major security systems allow to you to designate different entry delays for doors vs windows - usually an entry delay for doors so you can get in and enter your code. And a zero delay for windows and such - only burglars should be opening a window while the system is armed in either Home or Away mode, so the alarm should go off immediately and start the Noonlight alert process.
Your suggestion would provide even greater flexibility and options
If you agree, upvote this feature suggestion here: Home Monitoring Option to set entry delay individually for each sensor

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Thanks for the referral to that wishlist! I missed that one, though I am glad we still brought up the issue in this thread that the HMS team promised to monitor and review all suggestions, so it’s good it’s here too. I agree with everything you said in that wishlist post. I hope it gets more exposure to people like me who missed it before.

I would love a system to protect my family. The ability to disarm via keypad would give us that sense of protection we need. We also have really old (and easily opened) windows.

Yes to all of the above. I’m also in the situation where I have a detached garage and have struggled with how to address this. I like these ideas. Another option would to create ZONES, which is not dissimilar to what you are describing. Zones would be individually configurable. You could set status of individual zones and how they interact. Arm all zones or just arm a particular zone. This also could be a reason to allow for multiple hubs on one account. Detached garages could be problematic for communication between a sensor and hub.

For example: I’m home and want the house disabled but the Garage armed.

Alternative Approach: Add license plate reader to CamPLUS AI. Then, the system can automatically disarm when you drive into the garage. The Person identification could potentially work for this also.

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I just installed my system last night a setup was pretty easy. While installing it I realised there was only one contact number you could provide to moonlight like some of the other comments stated if I’m sleeping and the alarm is triggered I need my husband or somebody else that lives in my house to have access to disarmament if moonlight reaches out before wasting our 1st responders time responding to a false alarm. Also wish my husband could log in and have full access to the home monitoring system via his own wyse account. For the most part my system seems to be working fine I’m still in test mode which I love that option. I’m a mom of 4 kids a dog and a [Mod Edit] of animals my husband works nights and I work days so having that comfort of an alarm system is so great. Just wish we could fix the few issues and make more options for moon light to contact multiple people.

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waited a bit before commenting here so I could get a better read on the system.

It has it’s goods and bads, and with some work I can see it being fierce competition for certain markets.

I’ve used a few different DIY alarm systems in hopes of finding the best for my needs so my comments are all based around that.

motions sensors are more accurate than most. I’ve had other systems trigger motion falsely (heat coming through a window on a really hot day) as well as not triggering at all (I was jumping up and down waving at it)
door sensors are sturdy (I had a few v1s crack when removing from door) and connected super easy. (on a competitors system I had to remove all the sensors, bring them closer to the hub, activate, and reinstall)
system is easy to use for those who are not tech savvy (enter code, leave)

Things it needs:

  • Alternate contact phone numbers - this is basically industry standard. if I don’t answer my cell I should have the ability to have them call/text someone else.

  • Alternate/named codes for tracking/safety purposes. if my mom goofs and screams the code across the neighborhood (no really… it happened) I’d like the ability to only change her code and not everything.

  • App access for multiple users (even if this is a paid add-on)

Things I’d like it to have:

  • A built in backup battery in the base (I have unit tucked in a corner of the attic connected to a UPS and hardwired to my router) the reason I request an internal battery is because then the system can notify if it needs to be replaced/charged.
  • Internet fallback - Simplisafe has a built in cell chip so if internet goes out it fails over to the cell network. I don’t think it’s necessary to go that far as it would greatly increase the cost of service and is only important in certain use cases, but the ability for the unit to connect to a secondary wifi network if the primary internet goes down would be a great benefit (where I’m sitting if my primary network goes down there are three instances of XFINITYWIFI and one ATTWIFI I can connect to or someone could throw in a backup hotspot if it meant that much to them)
  • Glass break and water sensors. (I understand these are coming) a competitors water sensor saved my ass this winter. if you don’t have one and you live in an area that freezes, go buy a couple. just do it.
  • First party garage door retro kit for door sensor. these are available 3d printed courtesy of some fantastic community members but that means wyze doesn’t make any money off them.
  • More customization with countdown timers. presently it’s none, 30 seconds, or a minute.
  • An audible or app notification if you arm the system and a sensor is in alert (if you arm away and the back door is wide open for example)

Overall the Wyze system is pretty solid and is a great entry into the home security market

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Yes to all of the above…smoke/carbon dioxide device integration, multiple phone numbers, app access for multiple users are very high on my list

Welcome to the community!

There’s a setting in Wyze cams to detect smoke/carbon monoxide detectors (it hears the sound of the alert) and sends a notification which ties into the home monitoring if you add the camera. A dedicated solution would absolutely be a great thing, but wanted to make sure you knew that option was there until they roll one out.

I think the smoke detectors would be great. I know the cameras have that option but I don’t have a camera in every room. I really think that having a smoke detector can go really far. I have two small children and if a fire breaks out I want to know where it is. The camera just tells me an alarm has been detected. An actual smart smoke detector can tell me which room it is being triggered in and where I need to avoid. Please make the smoke detectors!

1.Option to mute notifications while system is Disarmed.

2.Multiple user pin and app log in.

Away + Vacation Mode: which will randomly turn on lights/plugs for random lengths of time during defined times/days

Cellular backup can already be done with a wireless hotspot. I am not sure why everyone wants it built in to the system. Verizon only works in my area. ATT does not. So which provider does Wyze implement to satisfy everyone? ATT and GSM is worthless to me. Not to mention you now have additional firmware to update and maintain. Wyze might as well raise the cost because by the time you start adding all of the functionality the world wants, it will cost more to use and maintain all the software and integrated cellular technology. For the record, I am in the software and technology field, so I have some knowledge.

Hey just so you know, the hub does have a battery built into it that lasts 10 hours.

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Yes it does have a battery. Anyone who already owns one or has read this forum completely should know this as it is quite obvious it still works when unplugged. I am not sure why the question still gets asked.

Water sensor!