WCO went Offline, had to Delete it to resolve the problem

I noticed that my WCO was showing Offline on the App. I could still access the Live Feed. I power cycled the cam. Lost all connectivity. Cycled the Router, didn’t help.

Had to Delete the WCO and add it back. Of course had to fix all the settings.

ticket number 37235

Edited to add:
It’s been a few hours. The WCO is now showing as Off. I was able to Live Stream one time, now it’s not connecting at all and will not turn On from the App???

I also can not save changes to the Event Recording options. The time keeps going back to 5 minutes and the option to save clips to the Base keeps turning off. I can randomly access the Live Feed, but upon return to the Home page the WCO goes back to Off.

If these events are representative of what we are to expect going forward, I’m getting off the bus

keep in mind, this is a Beta group. We may run into issues that most users never experience.

I have worked for major companies. I have experienced access to servers across the board.