WCO v1, Wyze Color Light & a Rule save the dog

I have multiple WCO camera’s in various locations around my house, most of them at ground level.

All WCO’s have a rule to flash one or more Wyze Color lights based on what they see:

Red light Flashing, followed by steady read light: Person
Blue Light on: Pet (or normally in case: Coyote, Possum, Rat, Mouse, Racoon, Bird…

Sitting in my office at around 4:30 pm, a blue light triggered for a WCO at the front of the house, which is not a normal time I see any wild animals in the front yard.

So, I grabbed the phone to discover this little guy:

I caught him on the doorbell cam as well:

If the Wyze Rule hadn’t triggered the Wyze Color Bulb from the WCO v2, this little guy might have met his demise with one of our local resident coyotes that have been seen in the area at all hours of the day.

I found the owner and the dog is safe at home.



Aww, I bet his owner was very happy. He chose the right house to ask for help and didn’t even know why it was the right house. :slight_smile:


This is, like, the only captured-by posting I’ve truly enjoyed. Nice work!