WCO runs pretty much non-stop all of a sudden

I’ve had a WCO running well for about 18 months. I usually get about 3 months of battery time between charges. Two days ago, the battery went from 82% to 0% in about 8 hours. I pulled the cam down, brought it into the house and charged it. I noticed that even though I had the cam facing down on the counter during charging, that it was firing off cloud recordings every so often while charging. The WCO was power-cycled before charging.

I placed the cam back outside after charging, Overnight, there were 111 cloud recordings and the cam went from 98% to 8%. Below are two representative videos from the bunch.

It appears that raindrops are triggering the recordings, but living on the Oregon coast, we get 60-100 inches of rain every year. The cam has been working correctly for a year and a half, in normally wet environmental conditions, so I’m wondering why the last two days have been a problem.

For the last 18 months, I had the Sensitivity, in the Detection Settings, set at 80. Before placing the cam back outside last night, I reduced the Sensitivity to 20, and it still fired 111 times.

I have another WCO positioned about 25 feet away, and it is operating normally, without excessive cloud events.

Has anyone else had a WCO do this after working normally for extended periods of time? Is the cam failing?

I see the rain is triped it turn bot sensitivity down to 5,then go test each camera,i have cams in Montana and Colorado same cam as yours we have ours set 5,no issues with them now,we also have remote piwer set up on each camera s I we can charge them when needed

My first thought was the rain, but this camera has been in service for 18 months in a very rainy environment. They wave worked flawlessly through over 150 inches of rain in that time. I usually only had to charge the battery every 3 months. I’ve NEVER had 111 cloud events in 8 hours since I owned the WCOs, until two days ago.

Something changed.

Its the new firmware that they pushed out this week

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I am dealing with the same issue. I think I will ask support. I think it triggers every 8 minutes. Seems like the same time frame as you talked about.

Now neither of my WCOs will charge. The other WCO was on a charger all afternoon at 14% and after 8 hours is still showing an 14% charge. I pulled it off the charger and put the one with issues last night on the charger, and it will not charge either.

Something happened. Neither of these have had a recent firmware update, but my iOS app updated a couple days ago. Wondering if it is the problem.

I finally got both WCOs to charge. We’ll see what happens tonight.

I was able to get mine going after re-syncing it by pushing the button on the camera, and then on the base unit.

I charge my neighbors camera i put a power bank on it and it will go from 20% to full 100% in about 4 hrs. I just bring it up in live mode and loom at the number with the use of power bank the camera has no down time and its quick and easy.

Same problem. Received a replacement base station and updated the firmware on everything to the latest version. Without changing -anything- else, signal strength dropped substantially from all my WCO. In fact, the only camera that actually shows any (as in one) bars is 10 feet away (line of sight). Another camera 10 feet further out shows -no- bars on the signal strength. With the previous base station/firmware everything was maxed out at signal strength.

Wyze has had some big issues with firmware lately. What’s up with that??

I’ve come to the conclusion that this WCO is failing. It is losing 3% battery level every hour, even with zero cloud events occurring. I wish I’d gotten more than 18 months life out of this cam…

Sounds like a bad cell in battery’s, put a solar panel on it and call it good