WCO loud ringing and static on some recorded events

I’ve opened a case but wanted to see if anyone had seen this on their WCOs. I have 7 WCOs and on 4 of them I randomly get event recordings with very strange audio. It sounds like an alarm ringing followed by silence an the loud static. Almost fax machine sounding. In the events these recordings do not have a sample picture but a WCO icon instead. Here is a screen shot.

Here are sample videos:


I haven’t had this issue, but something is definitely not right!
Try turning the switch on the back f the camera off, then back on. If that doesn’t work try deleting it and adding it back to the app.
I would also suggest submitting a log for this!

Almost sounds like RF interference of some sort. Do you have a wireless driveway alarm?

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I know. I thought it was something from the cars up and down the drive way because birds and squirrels were not causing it. But then the sun/shadows detection caused it as well and other cameras in the back yard have it as well.
I don’t have a driveway alarm but I have 3 other cameras in that area that would detect around the same time. Have had them all along, nothing new.

Thanks for the reply. Although I recently charged it, I’ll try the IT Crowd (have you tried Turing it off and on again) on it :slight_smile:

Oh good it’s not just me! lol so Iv been having the same exact thing happen randomly in my events. It doesn’t matter how many times you turn cam off then back on or even erase the cam all together and re set it up… they still happen. Iv been getting these in my events for almost a year now. At least 9-10 months though for sure. It’s happening at me & my boyfriends houses. I will say though that it seems the past week or two Iv gotten wayy more of them then I ever have daily.

Yes. This is what I came here to find today. One of my wco is doin his exact problem. The videos freeze about 1/2 way through recording and do not recover motion or sound. But that exact same initial sound!!

Any solutions yet?

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Ive had it with this loud ringing.

Anybody figure it out yet?

This is the exact same noise when you set the camera to “upload a short clip to the cloud” rule setting. I brought this up to support chat a few months ago… no solution :confused:

Thats an interesting point, uploaded vids only.
I have plus membership on another cam/location, and it never has done this.
Similar rules on all my cams. Though inconsistent as to if itll do the ringing sounds. It is very hit n miss even same trigger, same cam, hit&miss noise.

Additionally I have 1 pancam that always has interference chatter, regardless of where I have it installed. Whats more interesting is it broadcasts the chatter so quietly you cannot tell its from the cam, yet on quiet nights Id hear “something” talking, music etc. I actually thought there was a radio hidden in my place, or that I was becoming mentally ill.
2 yrs of that before I stumbled across similar issues being reported, and realized whats up.