WCO Hangs App When Loading In Group

There have been lots of great improvements for the WCO group viewing, but still an issue.

When viewing a group of v3,2,or 1s, the live view loads and displays the stream.

For WCO, you have to hit the play button to view it. This is fine, to conserve battery I assume, but there’s 2 stages of loading.

When you hit it, it theres a small loading icon in the middle of the screen for a second, then the normal 3 step loading icon.

During the first part right after you hit the play button, the whole app hangs. It’s only for a second, but if you have to load multiple cams in the group you gotta click, wait. Click, wait…

My cams aren’t currently online due to internet outage, but when they are I will get a app log for you.

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