WCO event notification requirements

Sorry if this has been asked/answered a 100 times already, but … what exactly are the requirements to view any event that may have been triggered? Are they immediately sent to the cloud like V2 event clips and can then be viewed via the app, or … must I put a micrSD card in the camera? Having difficulty getting any notifications to be honest, even when I walk slowly toward the camera and eventually wave my hand in front of it. Base station is about 40-50’ from the camera. Thanks.

events are sent to the cloud just like v2/pan, no sd card needed.

try increasing the settings to 100 in detection settings

Thanks. I made sure the detection distance was set to 100% and it’s still not detecting motion. Here’s a screenshot of the zone overlay. I understand that because of the distance, it’s probably not going to detect motion on my back patio, but … when I walk slowly all the way to the camera, which is resting near the waterfall of my koi pond, shouldn’t it have detected me? Could the movement of the water or reflection be confusing the PIR sensor? Note that I’ve inverted the camera so that the sensor is looking at the top instead of the bottom, but that shouldn’t interfere with detection.

yeah, I would think it should have detected you as you approached it. Not sure about the water as PIR detects temperature changes.