WCO battery only last days - Are you streaming TinyCam or Google?

Through troubleshooting, we have encountered a few cases where user reports very short battery life, together with using TinyCam, or google.

Want to do a quick survey to see if these were isolated cases, or it is more common?

If you experienced battery dies in days, can you reply and let me know if you are using TinyCam App ?

I tried connect my outdoor camera to TinyCam and I couldn’t get it to show.

my battery only lasted about 2 weeks on the first charge. I would consider it “died in days”. and to answer your question, no i do not use TinyCam.

In my case i think it was just messing with the camera so much for the setup (live stream to adjust and readjust until i found a position that works for me) and trying out all the features.

Its worth noting that my second charge looks like it will last about a month with about 40 - 60 events a day and no schedule recordings or live views.

Hope that helps.