WCO - Battery Never Reaches Full Charge - Network Connection Issues

I"ve been using the WCO camera indoors for about two weeks to essentially play around with it, and I’ve experienced two incidents where the camera would suddenly disconnect from the local network. The first time, I never resolved the connection issue until I left it overnight plugged in, after about 12 hours of charging, it finally gave me a solid red light, and it connected to the network and worked again. A few days later the camera suddenly dropped connection. The last known battery level was in the 80% range. Even though the camera would not connect to the network for a live view stream, the preview image in the app was showing a current still image. Again, could not resolve the connection issue and researched all recommendations online. I left the camera on the charger, but this time, no solid red light ever came on. I tried multiple cables, charges (at specified ratings), the base station. 24 + hours of charging and never reaches a full charge, nor does it work. Any suggestions?

Yes, I noticed the failure to get a solid red light indicating full charge on my WCO. According to the documentation it should have reached full charge after 4 hours. I left it about 12 and it still was blinking indicating that it was not fully charged. However, after putting the camera back and powering on, it showed full (100%) charge and it showed this for days even after I used it regularly to stream video.

IF the camera is overcharging then this could be a serious fire danger. Wyze needs to look into this. I’m in the process of returning my camera because there are just too many problems with it.

I’ve not had the network connection issue you mention.