I would like to see at least the option to add 6 Way Points on the pan settings. I have a large basement and I want to utilize the entire (almost) 360 degrees pan to cover as much of the basement as possible. Its really NOT possible with only 4 waypoints. I have to skip over sections of the basement (length wise) to get just 4 sections. I feel 6 would do a better job because sometimes the camera is not just in a living area. 4 waypoints do not cover the entire 360 degree spectrum.

You might want to search #wishlist and #roadmap and if not found put it in #wishlist.

Have you tried setting the 4? One per wall and then see how it covers the entire 360*

If you place small mirrors in front of the camera, one for each of the four waypoints allowed, but only using a portion of the view not needed, then you can get a total of 8 waypoints by aiming each mirror to alternate zones you wish to cover. Having a mirror on the wall can act like this, if you can choose a position that makes use of the reflection

With the default 4 waypoints at 90° increments and a 120° field of view, the Pan should be able to cover 360° with a 15° overlap on both sides. Since those 4 waypoints allow it to cover everything they may have decided 4 was enough.

If it’s simply a software design limitation then adding 2 more waypoints should be trivial. If the firmware only supports 4 waypoints then they would have to modify the firmware which would be more involved. Either way it sounds like a good #wishlist request.

You probably got that right, the software development will have priorities. I find it’s easier to comprehend what a camera can do if I draft a floorplan and layout the viewing angles to scale, so I didn’t catch that there’s a 15° overlap. That will require no zoom, but as it seems these cameras do not have optical zoom, that’s not a big deal anyways

Maybe a feature request is to add something to the quick start guide that explains that particular setup?