Way to turn off regular motion and use just AI?

Hi all,

As the topic says is there a way to turn off the regular motion and just utilize AI for event recordings?

If not… what is the point of even being able to toggle AI categories on or off if it’s just going to record everything anyway? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just toggle notifications based on which AI events you prefer to be notified about? Again, the camera is just recording everything anyway.


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The AI is in the cloud, so you need to upload your events to the cloud and to do this you need the general motion clips. You can “filter” then out by selecting to show only the ai tagged events in the event tab and only choosing the ai notifications. But currently you still need all the clips sent to the cloud.


So much wasted bandwidth for me and so much wasted server space for Wyze. It also clutters the event history. This is a poor design.

The price of CamPlus helps offset the costs of the costs needed to run and host the AI and storage. Camplus has several ai options whereas camplus lite has only person detection.

If you filter out the event types that you don’t want to see in the event tab, then the clutter is hidden from view and shouldnt be an issue.


ALL the AI is in the cloud. The camera has to upload all motion events to the Wyze servers in order for the AI to be able to process it.


Hi @bTL - You will see “AI only recording feature” soon! We have already introduced it to a few users to test, We will be opening it up for more and more users and very soon for all the users.

This feature exists on V2, Pan V1, Pan V2, V3. If you are interested in this feature could you let me know which device you have and also the mac id for it. I can add you to the list for testing this,


Yesssss I am so looking forward to this.

Finally , we will be able to free up our events tab with all of the useless motion events .

My question will have to be , can we solely rely on the AI ? I would hate to miss some events bc the AI accidentally didnt label motion correctly and we might end up missing some events . That’s my only concern

I wonder when this feature will come ? But nevertheless I am so excited about this feature and the moving vehicle detection feature .

The team is working really hard to improve the AI right now

So this has to be simply discarding non-AI events after upload, correct? It’s not going to save anybody any upstream bandwidth and all motion events will still continue to be uploaded temporarily?

Yea, it has to be uploaded for the ai in the cloud to analyze, it will just be deleted or hidden.

I love person only notification but I also look through all the motion activity because sometimes somebody might be in a motion and not picked up by AI it’s rare but it happens that’s why I don’t depend on just one camera I have many cameras when I get four or five notifications right after another I know somebody’s definitely there. Some people don’t want to be bothered by all the events in the event window but I think it’s important and if you’re serious about protecting your property and it shouldn’t be a problem.