Water suddenly appears out of nowhere?

Under the white car, there are some spots that look like water?

If you look around, there’s no water, no rain.
I have checked camera clips, there was nobody near that car.

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This was a clip around 2 hours before the clip above. No water.

Is there a possible scientific explanation?

Your first post is a clip where the wet mark is already there. The second clip shows it not there.

You need to search back and forth a little until you find the clips where it appears. If the cloud doesn’t have the clip of the water appearing, then switch to the MicroSD card playback and move it forward and backward until you find the exact spot where the water starts to appear. Then the mystery will be solved. If you don’t have a microSD card recording continuously, then this is your sign to go get one. Then you won’t have mysteries like this.

Maybe someone driving by threw a water balloon at your car or something. Do you have kids at home? It could be kids that are bullying your kid(s), it could be their friends just having fun, and no serious harm intended. It could be some kid that has a crush on your kid. Could be a number of OTHER Things.

5am dew. It’s probably humid and condensation buildup is rolling off the car at low points while car is on a slope. Check other side of car tomorrow morning.


Oh yeah, now that you mention it I can see the same thing happened to the front driver’s side tire area too. :+1:

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Agree with SeaPup - atmospheric condensation - commonly called dew.


I do agree with the dew. That corner of the car is the low spot, so any moisture navigates to that point. Most mornings there is a similar wet spot under the right rear of my wife’s RAV4.

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A male dog came by the love those car tires,

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