Watching Wyze on WIN7 and WIN8 Desktops

You want to monitor your Wyze cameras on your desktop? It’s as easy as Andy.

Andy is an Android OS emulator that downloads and installs on Windows 7 or 8 systems. And once installed you can actually run the Wyze app using Andy on your desktop. Go to and just follow the download instructions.

It takes some time to fully install; so don’t be impatient. But once its up and running using Andy to run the Wyze app on your desktop is a snap. One thing: the portrait/landscape toggle icon doesn’t work. But you can do the toggling by simply right clicking your mouse atop the image you want to toggle.

As Andy is running Wyze as though it were a smartphone app, pretty much all the functions of the smartphone version are available when running on the desktop via Andy. You can review and/or delete all the registered Events for example. Or you can pan your camera…all from the desktop.

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What about Win10?

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