Watching cams on ipad

How can I see all cams 4 outdoor on my iPad…and when I go say to look at email , do I have to restart recording. ?

If by recording you mean the camera’s normal recording to Wyze cloud and/or its SD card, then no. But since you may be talking about the Wyze Cam Outdoor model please await further help.

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Thanks will check it out…thanks again

Yes outdoor model I have four I would like to watch at same time…

Welcome to the Wyze community @stones15431! You can view the outdoor cameras the same way. You’ll see little “play” buttons on each view when you open up the quad view in the app. You just have to tap on those to active the live feed.

Could you address his/her SD questions? I always get it wrong on the WCO…

With the outdoor camera, the SD card is used for time-lapse and scheduled recordings. No recordings will be interrupted if you leave the Wyze app unless your using the “record” button in the camera livestream. The recording will stop when you leave the app, but any cloud or SD recording will continue.

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Thanks that was it…appreciate it…

Thanks this is what I wanted to know, again thanks!

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