Watch47 after 5 months with a 6yr old

I just took a look at my daughter’s wyze watch today and saw this disaster!!! I think it’s absolutely hilarious the hell she’s put this thing through and it still works like a champ.
Wyze team, if you need destructive testing expert, my 6 years old has your back!!


Welcome to the community…that thing has certainly been through some banging and scraping around! You should wipe it clean and show us another after picture so we can tell for sure the difference between scratches and dirt.

Honestly, I primarily just came to this post to say I love your username! The Darth alone is cool for obvious reasons, and the Citra just had me considering the various implications it could have based on the latin origin vs Sanskrit, vs other meanings. I was very much entertained.

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That’s an awesome idea!! I’ll give that a try once I can pry it away from her. Haha

Citra is from the hop variety. I love me some craft beer and Citra is one of my favorite hops.
Cheers! :beers:

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