Watch only sending single day's data to Healthkit for the day when syncing watch

I have an open support ticket on this, but wonder if anyone else is seeing this. My watch has sleep and walk data for every day from 3/29 through 4/13. However, Healthkit is only showing data on 3/29, 4/1, 4/5 and 4/13 which are the only days I actually synced my watch (by opening Wyze app and selecting the watch). All the data is there, it just isn’t sending more than that specific day’s data. I have all healthkit categories enabled for read and write. I also have verified background app refresh is one. In fact, I have the Wyze app open most of the time because of cameras, bulbs, etc.


Yes - I noticed the same thing. Even for that single day, only steps seem to sync very reliably. Heart rate and sleep data is very hit and miss. The steps that do get synced are always much fewer than shown on the watch as well.

I have the same issues trying to get my 44 to sync with Google fit. It only works for the day that it is synced, and then needs to be unauthorized and re-authorized to sync again.