Watch 47 - Sync and Data issues

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Go to the settings menu on the watch, gear icon :gear:
Tap that and scroll down to the"System Control" There you will find Restart Shutdown and Factory Reset.

Wyze is a Toy company…they need to focus on a Core Product segment…So many issues will there products. I also use Ring in parallel and no issue…grant that Ring also went thru growing pains…but they listened…that’s what’s different with Ring vs Wyze. Watching for Ear buds, light strips, cordless vacuum.

Wyze is a startup offering cheep product. Ring is Amazon with Billions of dollars. Give them a break. You get what you pay for.

In 2013, inventor Jamie Siminoff brought his idea for a video doorbell to TV’s “Shark Tank,” hoping to find a backer for his new company . The sharks flatly rejected him. But the product, Ring , became a huge hit, and Amazon purchased his company in 2018 for over $1 billion.

Maybe once Wyze get there act together…someone will see the value in the Company to buy them out.

Exactly how we get monopolies with high prices! Monopolies with no competition (they buy them at outrageous prices). After all, if Amazon paid $1 billion for Ring, they have to recover that somehow, and they do it from you and me.