Watch 44 Doesn't Light Up on Incoming Text Messages

Watch 44 and Pixel 4XL running Android 11. Text messages don’t show up on the watch screen automatically. If you wake the watch and swipe down to show messages the text message is there. It just doesn’t show it on the screen when it is received. “Do not disturb” is not turned on on the watch.

Would be interested to hear if this is the same for other 44 owhers? Or if there is something I can change to fix this? Note that this is my wire’s 44. Text messages do show up properly on my Watch 47.

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Same situation here. My watch 47 shows the text messages when the watch vibrates. My wife’s watch 44 vibrates but does not display the message unless she swipes down.

Bummer, but at least this lets me know that it probably isn’t some incorrect setting on her watch. Thanks for the reply.