Watch 44 and Watch 47

I have a watch 44 and talk here seemed that watch 47 was a bit better so when i was available I bought one. Here are a few thoughts on both:

  • latest beta on watch 47 seems to handle notifications better/more reliably. the SILLY other stuff is still there and they should treat all apps equally. The Other icon just wastes screen space.
  • The watch faces on 47 are terrible. Nice to have steps and other info on the screen but the design is garish and looks like a 6th grader created them. The watch faces on 44 are better and they should use them on both and add the ability to show selected data (steps, calories, etc)
  • timer on 47 is similar to 44. terrible. All times should be settable, with an interface closer to alams interface. At least make “custom” remember the last value. Also too hard to set the custom times. Seconds are the issue. Too easy to miss and slow or too fast scrolling. True on both devices
  • Activity is nice. The interface for heart rate and oxygen level is nicer on the 47.
  • Settings screen on 47 is nicer
  • Ability to oder apps on 47 is nice and should be on 44.

These both would be excellent basic watches is they just fixed the UI and reliability issues on notifications. And they should bring the functionality and UI into sync on both.


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